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We help implement changes in culture and behaviour

What we do

We help implement changes in behaviour and culture. We are implementation partners in organisations, for leaders and for teams.
We are experienced consultants with a non-reverent approach to theories and methods. We are not married to specific ways of working or thinking, but believe that what we do should work in the context in which our customers act.




The way we work

Our theoretical background and experience range widely, e.g. from the world of business psychology, systemic thinking, experiential learning, narrative leadership approach and much more. We have a large toolbox that we regularly dive into so we can adapt things to your needs. We are not married to certain theories, but very pragmatic in our approach.

Using nature as development frame

We believe that if you are actively involved, learning happens faster, or in other words: Then you learn from the concrete experiences you have. Many studies show that nature has a positive impact on the way we learn, absorb knowledge, develop ideas and reflect. We are big supporters of that.

Our approach to workshops is that there must be action followed by implementation and delegation of responsibilities. 

Coaching for teams

Coaching and sparring on development, challenges, relationships, roles and conflicts.

Get your free eBook on bias

We wrote a eBook to inspire you. To show you how to fuel your own and your organisation's growth through bias awareness and the ability to respond, not react.

The reason you should concern yourself with bias, culture and behaviour is that in your organisation you will most likely have a lot of legacy behaviour, things that is “we normally do this”, “we have always done that”, “our processes/rules/SOPs dictate that”, and bias is at the heart of those statements. But if they are not strategically relevant they must go or at least be revised 

Coaching for leaders

Coaching and sparring on career, development, challenges, relationships, goals and focus.

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"Biased Brain is designed to inspire, provoke and invite you to reflect on your leadership practise”

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Let’s build something strong together

Our experience is that working with 3 Push gives the best results & greatest success with implementation. That means we commit to a minimum of 3 sessions/workshops together. Then we do not waste your money and our time