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Ledercoaching og sparring. Egen udvikling, fokus og adfærd.

Coaching for leaders

Our approach to Coaching

Leadership Coach
Nanna Seidelin

Hello, I'm Nanna and I listen, ask uncomfortable questions and help you execute. Who am I and why should you let me listen to you?

Coaching & Sparring

Having me listen and ask annoyingly uncomfortable questions seems to have helped a lot of people in leadership positions finding the right path and figuring out where they need to direct their energy, what they should stop wasting energy on and what stole their energy.

I have many years of experience as a leader and know very well that it is not always "just do x, y, z". I also know how easily you can become the one who never gets feedback, the one who doesn't get help with decisions, and who doesn't use the colleagues.

And that is really a rather bad thing. That is why most leaders benefit from a professional conversational partner or coach who can gently kick you in the rear, listen to you and help you find the best way forward.

Leadership Coach
Janus Kleemann

Hello, I'm Janus and I ask the annoying questions and hold you to your agreements and responsibilities. Who am I and how can you use me?

Coaching & Sparring

I work with a practical approach, psychological security and draw parallels between bias, behavior and mental development reflected against experiences, training simulations, reflection and learning . I also have a background as a climber, outdoor enthusiast and rock musician.

In my work I include, among other things experiences and stories from my experiences, as leadership and teamwork in these worlds are alpha omega and where you are constantly tested on cooperation, trust, your own ego and communication skills in order to succeed.

I am passionate and curious about how motivation, self-awareness, behaviour, psychological safety and alignment can help managers and teams to take ownership and perform better.

3 sessions

We always book 3 sessions at a time. 3 no bullshit conversations that help you act on what you actually need to act on.
In our experience we can identify which challenge is most important to work with first and make a plan of action that is actually possible to complete in 3 sessions.
And yes, you will feel squeezed. We wouldn't be doing our job if you didn't