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Strategy implementation

The invasion of Normandy

When we talk about doing strategic work, we usually talk about designing the strategy itself. But that is not where the majority of the workload lies. No, it lies in operationalising the strategy. All the way down through the organisation so that everyone, from CEO to the receptionist can make daily decisions that are in line with the strategic choices.

In the best of all worlds…

In the best of all worlds, everyone in the organisation has complete control over the strategy and the concrete implementation of it, right down to daily tasks.

Det er ikke altid sådan det ser ud, men lidt mindre kan også gøre det. Det vigtige er, som vi ser det, at lederne på alle niveauer er taget i ed hvad angår strategien. Forstår formålet med de enkelte områder og har sproget til at forklare hvorfor organisationen har valgt den strategi. Kan de ikke det, vil de komme til kort den ene gang efter den anden, når der skal prioriteres opgaver, fordeles ressourcer etc.

Understand, pull apart, do

And is it easy to implement the strategy effectively? Rarely. And it is also rarely done in a systematic and consistent way. But it makes a huge difference in terms of how well one can deliver on the common goal.

And the invasion? You will hear more about it if you engage us to help you operationalise the strategy.

Hello from the ivory tower

6 months and 6 minutes - When leadership develops a new strategy or a new way of working they spend time on it. A LOT of time. 6 months is standard, often it's even longer. So our question to you is this: How long do you spend getting the rest of the organisation on the same page as you? If it's 6 minutes on the weekly briefing, you might want to ask yourself if that's why your employees just "don't get it"... Maybe take out some extra time on a strategic implementation. HEXES

Shall we help with the operationalisation?


Our approach to workshops is that there must be action followed by implementation and delegation of responsibilities. 


Inspirational talks, new perspectives, mindset & collaboration

Let’s build something strong together

Our experience is that working with 3 Push gives the best results & greatest success with implementation. That means we commit to a minimum of 3 sessions/workshops together. Then we do not waste your money and our time