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Coaching for teams

Team coaching is a development method that is based on the specific challenges of the team and the areas in which the team wishes to develop. It can be challenging for a leadership team to focus on the day-to-day operations while developing the business and implementing change projects - often at high speed and in a complex world with pressure on resources and desire for growth.

  • Coaching and sparring on development, challenges, relationships, roles and conflicts.
  • Safe learning, development and growth in the team and the business
  • Addresses all types of teams - leadership groups, interdisciplinary teams, project groups and more

A team coaching course can extend over a shorter or longer period of time - The course can be supported with different kinds of training and theory. As part of a team coaching course, different types of assessments can be included.

Hello, I am Janus. I ask the annoying questions and hold you accountable

I have a practical approach, and include psychological safety, parallels between bias, behaviour and mental development in my team coaching. These I use to assist the team's reflection on their experiences, the training simulations and learning. In addition, I have a background as a climber, outdoor enthusiast and rock musician. In my work I include experiences and stories from my professional life, since teamwork in these worlds is crucial. You are constantly tested on collaboration, trust, your own ego and communication skills in order to succeed.

I am passionate and curious about how motivation, self-awareness, behaviour, psychological safety and alignment can help teams take ownership and perform better.

3 sessions

We always book 3 sessions at a time. 3 no bullshit conversations that help you act on what you actually need to act on.
In our experience we can identify which challenge is most important to work with first and make a plan of action that is actually possible to complete in 3 sessions.
And yes, you will feel squeezed. We wouldn't be doing our job if you didn't