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We have worked in and with many companies and organisations. Both public and private and at many different levels.
We are implementation partners and work confidentially with sensitive issues, leadership, teams, conflicts, change, restructuring and trust. And trust is a key word here. Our customers must be able to trust us.

This is the foundation on which our company is built. Therefore it will always be possible for a customer to choose full confidentiality.
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Janus Kleemann

Jeg har gennem de sidste 16 år arbejdet med udvikling, træning- og læringsforløb i forbindelse med forandringsprocesser, organisationsudvikling, leder- og medarbejderudvikling.

I have many years of experience from leadership positions in the oil and gas industry, sales, marketing and team leadership, combined with a number of years as a leadership and development consultant. In addition, I often include my experiences as a climber, outdoor enthusiast and rock musician in my work, as you are constantly tested on collaboration, trust, your own ego and communication skills in those environments.

Nanna Seidelin

I got my first leadership job when I was 21. I have since had a couple of them, some of which I have managed with varying degrees of success and motivation, but I have always returned to working with organisations, leaders and teams, as human interaction about achieving something together never ceases to fascinate me.

I have been a leader both with and without direct reports, an employee and a consultant. So I think I have experienced the challenges of leading both up and down.


It is a strong value for us to make an effort. If something is worth doing, then it is worth doing well. It's that simple.


We strive to always be as distinct in our communication and agreements as possible. We do not sugar coat or beat around the bush.


Too much talk, too little action, is completely useless, as our good friend, the Lawyer, usually says.


We are seasoned consultants who have an irreverent approach to theories and methods. We are not married to specific ways of working or thinking, but believe that what we do should work in the context our customers act in. It's a bit like when you cook: you can follow a recipe to the letter and still the result is not really good. If, on the other hand, you leave the recipe as a guide, taste, adjust the temperature and cooking time according to your oven, exchange one spice with another, then suddenly something completely different happens, something delicious that suits your taste and dinner table.


ABILITY - do you have the competencies?

Can you? Do you have the right knowledge, the right tools, the right conditions. Here it is important to look critically at both oneself and one's organisation, because it is easy to fall into the "we-need-more-resources-trap".

Too often we can do much, much more than we think with what we have if we look at it from another angle


There are a hundred things to do. All sorts of things you can do better, differently, smarter. But maybe you don't want to? And there can be a hundred reasons for not wanting to too.

That's why it's so important to have the open conversations so we can look each other in the eye and say, 'Yes, we want ti.' or "No, we do not want that."


Have you found out if there is anything the organisation or the team is afraid of? It can be conflicts, to ruin the good mood, the competitors, to lose the job, to be laughed at, to be excluded from the team.

And it's hard to talk about courage. Because it is vulnerable to say, "I'm scared." And therefore, psychological safety is the alpha and omega of all development.

What is a HEX?

A hex is a safeguard. One that helps the climber on the way up the mountain. It has six edges (funnily enough…), but is not symmetrical. Therefore, it can fit in most places. It is also available in several sizes.

This is also the case with what we deliver. It can be tailored to fit your needs, is available in several sizes and is a safeguard on your way to your common result, hence the name Hexes.

Our inspiration

We stand on the shoulders of many, many, many different wise people, and are inspired by everything from mountain peaks, over antique shops, art exhibitions and music to Marvel's amazing universe. So if you are curious to see some of our mental nourishment, you can follow Alice…


Vi stiftede Hexes ApS i 2021


Janus Kleemann

More formal background can be found at Linkedin



More formal background can be found at Linkedin



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