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Lederudvikling, lederskab, ledercoaching. Vi kombinere udvikling og aktivlæring.

Leadership development

Ego & accountability

There is no formula. For us, leadership is not about "8 easy steps to better leadership". It's not about all the books, courses, exercises and push ups you have to do to become the optimal version of yourself. Nor is it about all the things you shouldn't do. In fact, most of all, it's about learning to live with who you are. And to do that, you must to invest some time reflecting a little on how you act in the world. And then it's about taking responsibility for what's yours, and letting go of what is not.

3 approaches that create space for and increase the quality of reflection and implementation

First team


Down & dirty

Tailored programmes

The above are examples and can be tweaked to suit what is currently most important in your organisation

Coaching for leaders

Coaching and sparring on development, challenges, relationships, roles and conflicts. Read more...


Inspirational talks, new perspectives, mindset & collaboration


Our approach to workshops is that there must be action followed by implementation and delegation of responsibilities. 

Coaching for teams

Coaching and sparring on development, challenges, relationships, roles and conflicts.

We work concretely and agreement-based

This means that we are not finished until there are concrete agreements on the white board - WHAT will we do, WHEN will we do it and WHO will do it.

Implementing changes in behaviour and culture takes time. Creating cohesion takes time and never stops. And there are no short cuts. It requires psychological safety, prioritisation, commitment and consistency to be able to deliver on the common goals. Organisations, leaders and teams can learn (and if they know them in advance, become better at) those competencies, and thus deliver optimally on the common result.

Therefore, it pays off in both the long and the short term to prioritise a focused effort on development and behaviour.

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