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Active workshops

Effektive workshops der engagerer jer aktivt og giver både mulighed for, at I kan inspirere, lære af hinanden og gøre fremskridt ved at anvende den nye viden og indspark fra workshoppen, i jeres egen hverdag. Både som ledere, teammedlemmer, afdeling og organisation.

Vi har den tilgang til workshops, at der skal være action fulgt op af implementering og uddelegering af ansvar. Der skal ske noget. I alle tilfælde handler workshops for os om at engagere og involvere mennesker om problemstillinger, inspiration, alignment, gode snakke og fælles løsninger.

“The problems are solved, not by giving new information, but by arranging what we have known since long.”

― Ludwig Wittgenstein

Team DNA

Make clear ground rules in the team. Aligned expectations, joint agreements, feedback and psychological safety. If you are not aligned, you will not deliver optimally together. We help you uncover your strengths and pitfalls as a team.

Hybrid leadership

We are moving towards hybrid leadership, where success depends on the ability to create coherence, psychological safety and flexibility for the individual. It requires new conversations and agreements.

Conflict management

Most people want to avoid conflicts. But what do you do if conflicts are part of your job? And how do you best handle conflicts? We help both preventively and in the event of escalating conflicts.


We need to be able to give and receive feedback in a proper, concrete and respectful way to avoid blind spots and optimise learning. It is easy to say and more difficult to practice. We help you practice your constructive feedback.


Being able to act sustainably and take part in the green transition will be one of the crucial must-win competitive parameters of the future. Sustainable behaviour is going to play a key role if we are to succeed. We help with why and how.

Communication & profiles

Communication can be difficult and there is always a risk of misunderstandings. Personality profiles help us understand and raise awareness of preferences, behaviours and differences in a constructive way. We help identify the blind spots of you and your team.

Culture & behaviour

Creating and managing the culture of a company is certainly not impossible, quite the opposite, in fact. Culture is there whether we actively relate to it or not, and since it has a huge impact on productivity, innovation and retention of skilled employees, there are a wide range of economic arguments for taking concious choises about culture in your organisation.

Psychological safety

Psychological safety as a concept was defined back in 1999 by Professor Amy Edmondson from Harvard Business School as "a shared belief held by members of a team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk taking.” We help you get started.

Detach | react -respond

Our reactions are immediate. They are driven by the beliefs, automatic behaviour, and bias of the unconscious mind. When we say or do something "without thinking", it is the unconscious mind that controls the show. Detaching creates space and overview.

Five behaviors

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team ™ is a team development tool designed to create alignment in teams. it is based on Patrick Lencioni's bestseller, "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team". We focus on the dynamics that make you act.


What does Inquisitive Ian and fish has to do with AGILE? Quite a lot, actually.
The agile method is not just for software development and production. It has a long list of crazy effective tools that you can implement in your daily task solving with great benefits for all parts of the organisation. 

Value chain

Working through the value chain illustrates how everyone contributes. It is a way to breaking down the silos, it builds trust and helps to eliminate unnecessary workflows. We look at every link in the chain with you, challenge it and help you agree on concrete optimisations.

Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery-systemet benytter en enkel og lettilgængelig model med fire farver, som hjælper mennesker med at forstå deres stil, deres styrker og deres betydning for det team, de er en del af.


Du får værktøjer, træning og feedback, så du kan stille dig op foran en forsamling og brænde igennem. øg din gennemslagskraft og løft dine præsentationer ud over det sædvanlige.

Narrativ teknik

‘Narrativ’ betyder fortælling. Det narrative perspektiv indebærer en forståelse af, at vi skaber mening gennem fortællinger. Så hvilken historie vil du fortælle?

JTI profiles

JTI (Jungian Type Index) profiles is a model developed in Scandinavia that has its roots in Jung's type theory and the MBTI tool. We offer it as a supplement to individual and team coaching.

DISC profiles

Everything DiSC® is a personal behavioural profile that measures preferences and trends based on the DiSC® model. Can be combined with The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team ™

4§ getting shit done

Four principles you as leaders must focus on, to optimise implementation and performance. From talk to action. Alignment, Clarity, Priorities and Empowerment. You set the standard.


Inspirational talks, new perspectives, mindset & collaboration


New perspective and a clear path so you can make a feasible action plan

We tailor to your needs

Workshops, kurser og inspirationsoplæg, skræddersys efter jeres behov og målrettet jeres situation.