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New perspective and a clear path so you can make a feasible action plan

Coaching & sparring helps identify your own strengths, values, perspectives and abilities, as well as allows you to develop strategies and behavior patterns to navigate by. Coaching is a process that helps you from where you are now to where you want to be. We help identify both organisational and individual strengths and development opportunities. We help motivate and empower individuals and teams to perform.
Coaching can:

  • Strenghten the individual
  • Validate and increase employee engagement
  • Enhance individual performance
  • Strenghten collaboration
  • Enhance psychological safety
  • Strenghten team engagement and performance

Leader coaching and career coaching
Nanna Seidelin

You have a business related challenge, e.g. conflicting KPIs, dysfunctional team, demand for 5 % productivity increase next FY, translating a fuzzy strategy into actionable items, finding the time to develop yourself/your team/your strategy/[insert option x here], finding your style as a leader etc. The challenges are legio. I help you figure out if what you think is the most important challenge actually is that and, if so, what you could do about it.

Team coaching & leader coaching
Janus Kleemann

No one talks about the elephant in the room, no one takes responsibility. Artificial harmony in the team meeting - until we are talking by the coffee machine… Team coaching is a development method based on the team's specific challenges and desires for development, psychological safety and common results.

3 sessions

We always book 3 sessions at a time. 3 no bullshit conversations that help you act on what you actually need to act on.
In our experience we can identify which challenge is most important to work with first and make a plan of action that is actually possible to complete in 3 sessions.
And yes, you will feel squeezed. We wouldn't be doing our job if you didn't